Free Introductory Course


The 10 week Introductory Course draws from the great teachings of East and West, and provides guidance for a deeper understanding of ourselves, the world in which we live and the purpose of human life, and a fresh way of dealing with the challenges that we face in everyday life.

As it is a practical course it does not involve any examinations and does not lead to an academic qualification.

There is no charge for the 10 week introductory course but a single payment of £10 to cover our admin costs is required.

To be sure of a place, enrol online by going to the Enrol for Philosophy page then scroll down to the name of the area in which you will be attending (e.g. Chorley Part 1).  A full list of venues and starting dates + times can be found HERE.

We run introductory courses in the Spring, Summer and Autumn terms, starting in January, April/May and September of each year.