Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. How long does a term last?

10 weeks.

Q. Do I need any qualifications?

No qualifications are needed and no prior knowledge is assumed. All that is required is a willingness to listen and participate

Q. What do I need to bring with me?

Just an open and enquiring mind. The course is designed to be suitable for everyone. Students of all backgrounds, education, occupations, ages and beliefs are welcome.

Q. Is there a half term break?

Normally yes. The classes follow academic terms and during the half term break the class does not meet. As courses are offered across the North West of England, the half term break does not always coincide with the local school holidays.

Q. What does the course lead to? Is there any accreditation?

There is no accreditation with this course as there is no written coursework or examination (you may be pleased to hear!) Past students have found that the benefits of the course are a more fulfilling life, a sense of peace and a developing understanding of their place in the world.

Q. What happens if I can’t make an evening?

The introductory course is run on different evenings at other venues across the North West. If you can’t make an evening but don’t want to miss the session ask your tutor about other venues where you can attend. Alternatively, look on this website (term dates page) which has details of the other venues and weekday when they meet. Just take your enrolment receipt with you to the new centre.

Q. What happens after the introductory course?

The introductory practical philosophy course is designed to be of real value in its own right. For students who want to continue with the study and practice of philosophy, at the end of the term you will be given the opportunity to join Part 2 if you wish. The theme for Part 2 is ‘Happiness’ and whether and how it is possible to lead a truly happy and fulfilling life. Details of Part 2 and subsequent terms can be found on the Follow-on Courses pages and more information will be given to you by the tutor towards the end of the introductory course.

Q. What are my fees used for?

As stated above the School of Economic Science is a registered educational charity (registered charity numbers 313115 and SC 039950). All tutors and those who provide refreshments, collect enrolments and so on are volunteers. It is a principle of the school that no student should receive payment for supporting other students on their courses. Your fees are used to pay for the hire of the building and to advertise the introductory course to make it as widely available as possible.

Q. Can I volunteer to help?

Yes.  Because we are a charity and all the work in the school is carried out on a voluntary basis by the students, your services would be very much appreciated.  Just have a word with your tutor.