Self-Discovery through Practical Philosophy

Summer rain! What a feeling

“Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect, it just means that you’ve decided to look beyond the apparent imperfections.” – Unknown Author


Philosophy aims to set you free.  Free from pressures and worries, free to grow, free to be more yourself.  So it seems fitting that a philosophy course should itself be free.  For this full 10 week introductory course we are asking for a single £10 payment simply to cover our admin costs.  Places are limited so you will need to book a place.

To book a place on the course click HERE and scroll down until you reach the venue where you will be attending the course (e.g. Liverpool).

If you have any queries call on 0800 8030 799 or email us at

Practical Philosophy is the main subject we teach in the school and we do this in a non-academic way through discussions that relate to our experiences in daily life.

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We also offer many other subjects and areas of interest in this same spirit of enquiry into truth and truthful principles.  Go to the What’s On Page for details of our other courses and workshops.